Funds for Missions

Fundscrip LogoAn easy way to raise funds to support our mission to Sierra Leone is through the Fundscrip Gift Card Program. Through Fundscrip, people can order gift cards from a vast number of local retailers and pay for those gift cards at face value. The retailers then in turn, give the church a percentage of the purchase price of the gift cards. There are many gift cards available and one of the benefits is that the list of retailers include many of the places that we shop at regularly each month (Grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops etc.) so all we have to do is to buy the gift cards a little bit in advance and then keep shopping where we always shop.

We take paper orders for gift cards on a monthly basis–on the forth Sunday of each month (although, currently we are doing two orders a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday) and then they are ready for pick up from the church the following Sunday. We figure that the last Sunday of the month is a good one to get orders in as it means that you are able to use your gift cards on or about the beginning of the next month. If you’d prefer not write a cheque but rather would like to pay directly from your online banking, you can go online and place a order at any time. The only thing you need to be sure of is to place your order at least two business days prior to the official order date. To sign up for online access to the Fundscrip gift card orders for HTACC, please click on this link.

To see what local businesses offer gift cards through the Fundscrip program, please click here.

To date we have raised over $3000 for our missions through the gift card program. Thanks for your support!