Bible Studies

Opportunities for bible study are offering periodically throughout the year. Sometimes these take place in our small groups that meet in people’s homes and sometimes they are offered to larger group meeting at the church. Through these studies are are provided with opportunities to grow in our relationship with God as we reflect on God’s word to us and grapple with how God’s word has implications on the way we live our lives. Not only do we want to know about God, we want to know God in such a way that our relationship with God makes a difference to who we are and how we interact with the world around us.

In the past, some of the studies that we have explored include:Open Bible 01

  • Heroes of the Bible–an exploration of people of faith in the Old Testament
  • Resolving Conflict Biblically
  • Animate: Faith–how does our faith impact the way we live?
  • Alpha-Question Everything (please click here for more info on Alpha)
  • Discovering Our Gifts
  • Becoming More Like Him–an exploration in spiritual formation

We are currently not offering a study; instead, we encourage you at this time to consider one of our small groups.