We marked the beginning of Advent at HTACC this past Sunday with dimmed lights and the lighting of our first Advent Candle—a reminder to us of the darkness of the world, and the coming of the light in the person of Jesus Christ. One of the children of the church, lit the candle—the Candle of Hope—and we were asked the question, “from where does our hope come?” Advent reminds us of the hope that God offers to us in Jesus.

During the Children’s Talk, Pastor Stephen continued to reflect on the theme of Hope as he invited the children to consider how much more “hopeful” were leaves that were still attached to a tree as opposed to leaves that had fallen off and had become dried up and withered. Stephen then went on to talk about how just like the branches were holding onto the leaves that were alive, so does Jesus hold onto us.

In the Sermon, Stephen focused on the passage from the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus calls his disciples to watch and be ready for the coming of the Son of Man. Jesus said that the day would come upon us unexpectedly. Stephen suggested that the tendency in many of us is to either figure that we’re already ready, or to think that we’ve got a lot of time before the day Jesus returns and he suggested that perhaps that’s what Peter and the other disciples might have thought. But, Stephen then went onto suggest that Peter was then caught by surprise facing a mini apocalypse shortly before Jesus’ death, when he was outside the High Priest’s house and three times denied even knowing Jesus. Previously Peter would have thought that he wouldn’t fail such a test, but sadly he failed the test miserably. How would you fare if you faced such a test? How ready are you for God to meet directly with you?

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, Stephen’s sermon entitled, “Then the Rooster Crowed” was not recorded; however, the questions that Stephen asked during the sermon are still available and can by found here.

Great Stocking Stuffers Available!

Are you still trying to find some last minute gifts or hoping to find the perfect stocking stuffers? There are going to be a number of great things available at our Silent Auction in support of our Mission to Cambodia. The Silent Auction and Dessert Night will be held this coming Saturday starting at 7pm—so this is the last week to get tickets! What better way to help you with your shopping while at the same time supporting our church’s mission?! Please consider joining us and invite some friends and family to join you. This family-friendly event has tickets available for $15.00 or $100 for a table of 8 and children under the age of 12 can come for free.

Please don’t delay in reserving your tickets. Call the church office at 403-275-3630 to book your seats or email Mandy Hambidge directly by clicking here.

We want to thank all those who have donated items for the auction! We very much appreciate your generosity. If you still have yet to drop off your item, you can do so any day this week from 8:30 a.m. to noon or you can drop it off at the church on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Thank you so much for your support of our work!

During this Season—Please Share!

An important message during the Christmas season this year, is the message to Share. Not only does that apply to sharing our “things” but sharing our news. At HTACC we are very much aware of the effectiveness of social networking—and we realize that letting others know about some of the things that we offer at Holy Trinity can come through our sharing information via Facebook and Twitter.

One of our very important services will be taking place in two weeks as we host once again a Service of Remembrance. This is a service to help those who find the season difficult due to the death of a loved one. At the Service of Remembrance we remember and gift thanks for those who have gone before us and we ask for God’s presence and God’s peace as we navigate through the season. We very much believe that this service is a great outreach to our wider community; however, we need your help in getting the word out. Please take the time right now to go to our HTACC page on Facebook and SHARE the notice to let people know about our Service of Remembrance. If everybody in our church, SHARED the post, we would be sure to reach several hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people! Maybe you are Facebook friends with somebody that needs to hear of such a service.

For further information about the Service of Remembrance or to have a loved one of your own remembered, please click here.

And when you see a post about our Christmas services, please SHARE that post as well!

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is inviting any men from the church to join them this Thursday, December 7th starting at 7pm as they gather for study, support and friendship. This will be the last Men’s Ministry session of 2017, so please come and join us. If you have any questions about our Men’s Ministry at HTACC, please contact Michael Hoskin by clicking here.

Women’s Connect

The next Women’s Connect group will be meeting at the church this Saturday, December 9th from 9:30 to 11:00a.m. This group is open to any women from the church that would like to get together for faith and friendship and will be our last one of 2017. For more information about this group, please connect with Monica Ryan by clicking here.

Parents & Tots

Don’t forget that this coming Friday from 9:15-11:15am HTACC will once again be hosting a Parents & Tots event! This is open to people whether they come to the church or not and it will also be the last one of 2017. Parents & Tots is a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to gather for some adult conversation while the children get a chance to socialize together. For more information about our Parents & Tots, please contact Kendra by clicking here.

Gift Cards-Only One More Order before Christmas!

There is only one more order going out in time for you to get your gift cards for Christmas. If you are looking for some last minute stocking stuffers, or if you know that there are some purchases that you are planning to make in the near future at one of our partnering stores, why not consider purchasing a gift card so that our Mission Ministry can be supported as well?

Online orders need to be made by Wednesday of THIS week. Click here to place an online order. Paper orders will be received after church on Sunday, Dec 10th and the gift cards will be available for pick-up on Sunday, December 17th.

If you have any questions about our gift card program, please talk to Shari Watson by clicking here.

Christmas Outreach Assistance
Thank you for the generous support for our Christmas Outreach in partnership St. Edmund’s Anglican Church in Bowness. Hampers and gifts will be bundled together in the coming days and will be given to families in need.

New Tribe Schedule Now Out!

We recently released the new schedule for our Tribes as we share in the responsibility of hospitality at HTACC. All those on our parish list have been assigned to a tribe and each tribe is responsible to serve as greeters and serve in our coffee ministry four times a year. We’ve published a list of the tribes and the dates they are scheduled in the hallway leading to the Kidz Zone area as well as making the schedule available online.

Thank you for your service as we reach out in hospitality to our worshipping community.

The Week Ahead…

In the week ahead we encourage you to continue to reflect on your relationship with Jesus. How has it grown, how is it growing? What are some of the things getting in the way of an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus? Complacency is a danger for each one of us—assuming that we always have more time to prepare for Jesus—how has complacency set in for you? At the beginning of this Advent Season, what is Jesus saying to you about where you place your hope and what steps is he calling you to take that you might be more ready to follow in his footsteps?

It is our hope and prayer that during this week you might be aware of God’s presence with you and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday at HTACC as we continue our journey through Advent!

One More Person, One More Step