One of the songs we sung at Holy Trinity this past Sunday was “Here I Am, Lord.” The words of that song can be found here and they fit perfectly with our service as we heard two stories from Scripture that talked about people being called into ministry—Samuel to be a prophet for Israel and Phillip to become a disciple of Jesus. The song also fit well as Sunday was the day when we commissioned our Mission 2018 Cambodia team as they prepare to leave later this week for their work in Phnom Penh.

During the Children’s Talk, Pastor Stephen showed the children pictures of ears from various creatures and he invited the children to identify the animals to which the ears belonged (the ones they found hardest were the ones from a Kangaroo!). Stephen then told the story of young Samuel hearing the Lord speak to him and Stephen talked about the Lord speaking with us—like Samuel, we need to be listening.

During the Sermon, Stephen continued to reflect on the Old Testament story of Samuel and he focused on the struggle that we face when it comes to discerning what God wants us to do. It isn’t always easy working out what comes from God and what doesn’t. So often our own wills get in the way. As Stephen explored the bible passage, he highlighted some ways in which God wanted to encourage us as well as some things that God wants us to practice that in turn might help us discern the voice of God. To hear Sunday’s sermon entitled, “Lord, Is That Really You?” please click here. To see the questions that Stephen asked during the sermon, please click here.

Prayer Vigil for Cambodia

Thank you so much to all the people who signed up to participate in our Prayer Vigil for our Mission 2018 Cambodia team. The Prayer Vigil will be starting this coming Friday and will extend until Friday until Feb 3rd when the team returns to Calgary. During the vigil, we will have at least three people from our church praying for the team. If you didn’t get the chance to sign-up, please don’t let prevent you from joining our vigil. Just choose one or more of the days and offer prayers for the team on the day(s) that you choose. To see some of the prayer suggestions for the vigil, please click here.

Saturday Night Youth-Next one—Feb 3rd!

Due to the fact that Jayden and Maddy will be traveling back to BC this weekend for a Celebration of Life Service for Maddy’s grandfather, and Jayden will then be in Edmonton the following weekend attending Breakforth, there will be no Saturday Night Youth for the next two weeks. SNY will return once again on Saturday, Feb 3rd from 6:45 pm to 9pm.

If you have any questions about our youth ministry at HTACC or have questions relating in particular to our Saturday Night Youth programming, please, connect with Jayden, our Pastor of Youth & Children’s Ministries by clicking here.

Aid for Cambodia

A great big “shout out” to everybody who brought in donated items for the mission team to take to Cambodia. We were hoping to fill 13 suitcases—and now it looks as though that shouldn’t be hard at all! Thank you so much for all your support!

Men’s Ministry-This Thursday

The Men’s Ministry is inviting any men from the church to join them this Thursday, January 18th starting at 7pm as they gather for study, support and friendship. If you have any questions about our Men’s Ministry at HTACC, please contact Michael Hoskin by clicking here.

Women’s Connect

The next Women’s Connect group will be meeting this Saturday, January 20th from 9:30 to 11:00a.m. This group is open to any women from the church that would like to get together for faith, food and friendship. For more information about this group, please connect with Monica Ryan by clicking here.

Altar Flowers

There are many spots open on our Sunday Flower Calendar for people to choose a date and dedicate the altar flowers in honour of someone or something. Some people choose to dedicate the flowers in memory of a loved one that has passed away. Others choose to dedicate the flowers to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or another special event. If you would like to make a special dedication, please sign up on the Flower Calendar located on the bulletin board in the church foyer and note the purpose of the dedication. We then ask that you please place $50.00 in the Sunday offering and mark it for “Flowers.” There is no need for you to purchase flowers on the date that you have chosen as we have a standing order with a local florist. After our Sunday service we often gift the flowers to any newcomers that may have come on that particular Sunday so you can be assured that the flowers are helping to extend a generous welcome to those who visit our church. We thank you for your support of this ministry.

Looking for a Used Tablet

We are currently looking for a used iPad Air or iPad Pro 9.7 to be used within our children’s ministry at HTACC. If you have one that you no longer need, please connect with Jayden, our Pastor of Youth & Children’s Ministries by clicking here.

Ash Wednesday Service

With Easter coming early this year, we’re not far away from the beginning of Lent and we’ll be marking that beginning with an Ash Wednesday service at the church on Feb. 14th starting at 7pm.

During the season of Lent we are called to spend time particularly focused on reflection and repentance and to consider how much we are in need of God. Please join with us on Ash Wednesday as we enter this season together and begin our journey towards Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Gift Card Order Coming Soon!

We will be sending off another Fundscrip Gift Card order on Sunday, January 28th as we continue to support our mission ministry at HTACC.

Purchases can be made in person at the church or can be made directly online, by clicking here (if you decide to buy online, please make sure you place your order by Wednesday January 24th so that your online payment can reach Fundscrip by the order date.)

If you have any questions about our gift card program, please talk to Shari Watson by clicking here.

Parents & Tots

The Parents and Tots’ group has got a couple of gatherings planned in the coming weeks. Our next one will be held on Friday, January 26 from 9:15-11:15am and the following one will be held on Friday, February 9th. The Parents and Tots’ group is a great opportunity for adults and children to gather for conversation and play and it is a great way to get to know some other people from our church community as well as others from the wider community. Please feel free to invite friends and neighbours to join us for any of our gathering!

A Call to Ministry Heads

Ministry Heads are reminded that we need reports soon from our ministries in preparation of our Annual Meeting of Parishioners. These reports help to bring others from our worshipping community up to speed as to what the various ministries have done during the past year and the hopes that those ministries may have for the upcoming year. Ministry Heads, please submit ministry reports to Sheila by 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, February 14th.

NOT on Super Bowl Sunday!

On that note, please note that our Annual Meeting of Parishioners will be held on Sunday, February 25th. Our Sunday service will be followed by a potluck lunch, which in turn will be followed by our Annual Meeting of Parishioners. This very important meeting is a meeting for the whole of our worshipping community as we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new one. At this meeting, among other things, we will be electing a new Parish Council, we’ll be looking at the Financial Report for 2017 and the Budget for the upcoming year. Please make note of the date, and join us for this important meeting.

Small Groups

Following on from Pastor Stephen’s sermon this past Sunday where he made a push for Christian community, we wanted to remind you that we have a number of Small Groups at HTACC and we’d love to see more people involved in them. Some of our groups are mixed demographically, others are geared more for a younger crowds (18s-30s), others are for men or for women only while still others are planned over a mealtime so that parents and children can be involved together. If you would like to join a Small Group or would like some more information about our Small Group ministry to see if there might be one that would be a good fit for you, please connect with our Small Group ministry head Rob Petkau, by clicking here.


The HTACC News will be taking a couple of weeks off while the mission team is away. Regular publications will return to Facebook and will be sent out via email during the week of February 4th.

The Week Ahead…

In the week ahead we encourage you to continue to reflect on the things that may be getting in the way of you hearing the voice of God. What might you need to let go of or how might you create some space for God to be speaking to you? How much of your prayer time do you spend talking to God compared to how much time listening? Might there need to be some adjustments? And what steps might you take so that you might be more ready to discern God’s voice in the context of Christian community?

We do hope the week ahead is a good one for you and that there are times when you are particularly aware of God’s presence with you. We look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday at HTACC!

One More Person, One More Step