Well, despite the fact that it seemed like we were starting church one hour earlier due to the time change, we had a good crowd on Sunday as we gathered together for worship through song, word and sacrament.

During the Children’s Talk, Pastor Stephen invited the children to consider the differences between things you get from a store and things you get given when it’s your birthday. After hearing about all sorts of differences (some of which Stephen hadn’t even considered!) the children told him about one of the main differences—at the store things cost, while at a birthday, the receiver gets things for free. Stephen used this as a way of inviting the children to consider God’s gift of grace to us—something that cost God a lot, but is given to each of us freely.

In Sunday’s Sermon, Rob Petkau preached and invited people to reflect with him on our passages from Ephesians 2 and John 3. Rob pointed out how both of the passages that were read contained some very well known verses and yet Rob invited us to go deeper than surface discovery to see all what God might be saying to us. He used to the passages to help us consider the tension between the free gift of God’s grace and the call to live differently in the world. To hear Sunday’s sermon entitled, Moving Beyond the Sound Bites, please click here. To see the questions Rob asked as part of his sermon, please click here.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is inviting any men from the church to join them this Thursday, March 15th starting at 7pm as they gather for study, support and friendship. If you have any questions about our Men’s Ministry at HTACC, please contact Michael Hoskin by clicking here.

Gift Card Order Coming Up!

On Sunday, March 25th we’ll be sending off another order in our Fundscrip Gift Card Program as we continue to support mission ministries at Holy Trinity. Fundscrip gift cards are great in that they enable participants to purchase gift cards from numerous local retailers, participants receive the face value of the gift cards they purchase and money is then returned back to us by the program thereby enabling us to raise funds for our mission ministry. You can place your orders and pay online (please click here to get started) or you can do it in person by filling out an order form and giving it to Shari Watson, our gift card coordinator, along with your cheque.

Online orders must be completed by March 21st while paper orders will be collected after church on Sunday, March 25th. All gift cards that are ordered will be ready for pick-up on Sunday April 1st. If you have any questions about our Gift Card Program please email Shari by clicking here.

Newcomer Lunch Coming Soon!

We will be having a Newcomers’ Lunch after church on Sunday, April 8th (the Sunday after Easter). If you are new to the church in the past six months or so, or started coming earlier than that but didn’t get a chance to join us for our Newcomer’s Lunch last October and would like to attend the Newcomers’ Lunch, please sign up on the sheet provided at the back of the church in the church foyer.

Easter Cup Cakes

We’re already making plans for our Easter celebration at HTACC. As in years past we’d like to offer cupcakes to all of our guests after the service. If you are able to assist by baking some cupcakes, please sign up on the sheet provided in the church foyer so that you can let us know how many cupcakes you’d like to make.

Pinot & Palettes—Art Event

All are invited to come out to the upcoming Pinot & Palettes art event in support of our mission ministries at HTACC. Space is limited so please sign up as soon as possible on the sheet provided in the foyer. For further information, please talk to Karen Petkau or Fran Klassen by clicking here.

Putting Names to Faces

Did you meet somebody after church one Sunday, but have forgotten their name and are a little bit embarrassed to ask them for it once again? Are you new to the church and would like to feel a little more a part of our worshipping community? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, our church Photo Directory may be just the thing you’re looking for. Holy Trinity has an online photo directory to help people put names to faces from within our congregation. The directory can be downloaded via our church webpage (the download is password protected and is only available to people who attend HTACC, so if you don’t already have the password, please click here to ask that it be emailed to you) or you can download the Instant Church Directory App (available both for IOS and Android) and then connect it to HTACC’s photo directory from there.

For those of you that have out-of-date photographs in the church’s Photo Directory, you’re invited to submit a new one so that we can get things updated. Please email us your new photo by clicking here.

Food for Thought

Have you been looking for help with your daily devotions? Every few months we have a number of copies of Our Daily Bread available for use among the people of HTACC. Our Daily Bread is a daily devotional guide, which invites people to read a passage of scripture along with a short reflection and prayer each day. You can find copies of Our Daily Bread on one of the rectangular tables in the church foyer. Please take a copy—they are free!

A Wonderful Day!

It was a wonderful day this past Saturday as Dave Matthews and Carolyn Blenkhorn tied the knot and became husband and wife! Dave is currently a pastor in Ontario but has long been connected to the life and ministry of HTACC and in fact was instrumental in getting our church first involved in mission work in Sierra Leone back in 2010. Carolyn, whose parents attend Dave’s church, first met Dave when she assisted in the church’s summer vacation bible school which Dave was leading. Please keep Dave and Carolyn in your prayers as they begin their married life together.

Holy Week at Holy Trinity

Please join us as we journey through Holy Week this year on our way to our Easter Sunday celebration. On Thursday, March 29th starting at 7pm we will be having our Maundy Thursday service. This is a very meaningful service as we remember Jesus’ act of service as he washed the feet of his disciples and as he shared the Last Supper with them.

Friday March 30th is the date of Good Friday, and for the first time we are going to be trying something different by integrating our annual Procession of Witness into our Good Friday service. This will provide an opportunity for those who have had difficulty in the past making it to the church early enough in order to participate in the Procession of Witness. This year’s Good Friday service will begin at the church at 10:00a.m. and then during the service as we remember Jesus’ journey to Calvary, we will embark on a short journey together through Hanson Ranch—during which people will be able to assist in carrying a large cross if they so choose. For those who are unable to participate in the Procession of Witness, quiet music will be played in the church, until those that have participated in the procession return and the service continues.

On Easter Sunday we will mark our great Celebration of the Resurrection with a service 10:00 a.m. After the service we will be sharing cupcakes in the church hall as a way of celebrating with our friends and neighbours.

Please join us at Holy Trinity through Holy Week this year as we enter more fully into Jesus’ story.

Pre-Authorized Giving—Available at HTACC

We continue to give thanks for those who have taken the time to submit new or amended Pre-Authorized Giving forms this past Sunday. The fact that people are giving considerable thought to their giving is very encouraging.

Please consider participating in our Pre-Authorized Program at the church—it is good for the environment and it also helps the church so that even when you have to miss a Sunday or two, funds keep coming to the church to help us extend our mission and ministry. If you would like to sign up for The Pre-Authorized Program at HTACC or you would like to make an amendment to the current program please download a form here, fill it out and place it in the offering plate on Sunday.

One Cuddly Bear

Our next Family Movie Night at HTACC will held on Saturday, April 28th. Doors will open at 6pm and at 6:30pm we will be showing Paddington. There will be a 25-cent concession available for popcorn and sweets. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, which will be refilled as needed. There will also be juice crystals available to add to your water. Following the movie, there will be a special free draw with the winner taking home a copy of the evening’s movie.

Please join us for this great family-friendly event and be sure to invite your friends and neighbours to join you!

HTACC Slo-Pitch Team

Are you looking to play ball this Spring/Summer? We’re looking for new people for our mixed slo-pitch team that is part of the Calgary Christian Slo-Pitch League. The team has a lot of fun together and it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise too. If you’d like more information about our team, please contact Dwayne White by clicking here.

Our Condolences

Along with the condolences that we extended last week to the Clark family on the death of Cindy’s mother, we extend our condolences to two more families within our congregation—the Nwachukwu family on the death of Jackie’s father in Nigeria and Liz Tuff on the death of her father in the UK. Please continue to lift these families in prayer that they may know the presence and the peace of Christ.

Baptisms this Sunday

Please keep James, Amarachi and Chidubem, children of Cynthia & Ndukwe Chima in your prayers this week as they prepare for their baptisms this coming Sunday.

The Week Ahead…

In the week ahead we encourage you to reflect on God’s gift of grace freely given and how that free gift then calls us to live differently. What does Jesus want your discipleship of him to look like and what are some of the implications to your daily living knowing that God calls you his masterpiece?

We continue in our Lenten season, reflecting on God’s call to walk with Jesus towards the cross of Calvary. May you have a keen sense of God presence with you this week and may you continue to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at HTACC!

One More Person, One More Step