Sunday was another great day as we welcomed three more children into the Body of Christ through baptism. The Chima family have been with us at Holy Trinity for a few years after moving to Calgary from Nigeria. They weren’t able to have their children baptized in Nigeria prior to coming to Calgary; however, because Ndukwe still works in Nigeria and isn’t in Calgary for much of the year, Cynthia & Ndukwe decided to wait to have their children baptized together at HTACC on a Sunday when both parents could be there. We were blessed to have the whole family and some sponsors present on Sunday as well some sponsors from Edmonton who were connected to our service electronically. Please keep James, Chidubem & Amarachi in your prayers as they continue to grow in the relationship with Jesus.

In Sunday’s Sermon, Pastor Stephen invited us to reflect on the story in John’s gospel, which talks about a time when some people approached Phillip and told him that they wanted to see Jesus. At first glance the story seems a bit out of place, particularly because John doesn’t share with us any conclusion to the story as to whether or not the Greek inquirers actually spent any time with Jesus. Stephen shared with us the story’s context as well as his sense of what was really going on and he challenged us to consider where we have drawn the line with Jesus. To listen to Sunday’s sermon entitled, Spectators, Tourists or Pilgrims? please click here. To see the questions Stephen asked at the end of Sunday’s Sermon, please click here.

New Tribe Schedule Now Out!

We recently released the new schedule for our Tribes. All those on our parish list have been assigned to a tribe and each tribe is responsible to serve as greeters and serve in our coffee ministry four times a year. We’ve published a list of the tribes and the dates they are scheduled in the hallway leading to the Kidz Zone area as well as making the schedule available online.

Please make every effort to assist on the date that your Tribe is scheduled even if you don’t regularly stay for the coffee time. This ensures that we all share in our church family’s responsibility of sharing in hospitality. It isn’t an onerous task, but it is an important one!

Gift Card Order-This Sunday

Don’t forget, we will be placing our monthly gift card order this coming Sunday in support of our mission ministries at HTACC. Participants get full value for the gift cards they purchase while the church’s mission fund also benefits. Please consider ordering gift cards to places you typically shop at during the month (grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.) and support our mission work in the process!

Newcomer Lunch Coming Soon!

We will be having a Newcomers’ Lunch after church on Sunday, April 8th (the Sunday after Easter). If you are new to the church in the past six months or so, or started coming earlier than that but didn’t get a chance to join us for our Newcomer’s Lunch last October and would like to attend the Newcomers’ Lunch, please sign up on the sheet provided at the back of the church in the foyer.

Easter Cup Cakes

We’re still looking for more people to help provide Easter cupcakes for Sunday, April 1st as we share with those who join us for our Easter Celebration. If you are able to assist by baking some cupcakes, please sign up on the sheet provided in the church foyer.

Holy Week at Holy Trinity

Please join us at HTACC as we journey through Holy Week making our way to our Easter Sunday celebration. Service during Holy Week will be as follows:

Palm Sunday:                        March 25th at 10:00 a.m.

Maundy Thursday:               March 29th at 7:00 p.m.

Good Friday:                          March 30th at 10:00 a.m.

(This year’s Procession of Witness will be part of our Good Friday service)

Easter Sunday:                      April 1st at 10:00 a.m.

Please join us for any or all of these services as we remember Christ’s sacrifice for us and God’s gift to us of salvation!

Pre-Authorized Giving—Available at HTACC

It is almost the start of a new month and the diocese will soon be processing Pre-Authorized Giving requests for the month of April. We continue to encourage members of our parish to join this program as it helps to ensure that the church receives donations even when people are away, which in turn ensures that we at HTACC can continue to extend our mission and ministry

If you would like to sign up for The Pre-Authorized Program at HTACC or if you are already participating and you would like to make an amendment to your current agreement please download a form here, fill it out and place it in the offering plate on Sunday.

Our Condolences

There have been a number of families in our parish that have recently experienced the loss of loved ones. Along with the Clark, Tuff and Nwachukwu families that have been mentioned in recent editions of the HTACC News, we extend our condolences and our prayers to Lillian, Jim & Kat Newman on the recent death of Brian, husband to Lillian and dad to Jim & Kat. Please keep these families in your prayers that they may know the presence and the peace of Christ.

College & Careers-This Coming Wednesday

The College & Careers group will be getting together this Wednesday, March 21st at 7pm at the home of Nathan & Kendra Miller. This group is open to people from the church between the ages of 18-30 and is a great way to connect with others and an opportunity to grow in faith. If you have any questions about the College and Careers group or you would like directions to Wednesday’s gathering, please contact Madelyn Worth by clicking here.

Calling All Parents of HTACC Young People!

The young people that have been attending Saturday Night Youth (SNY) have been filled in on recent news regarding exciting upcoming events. Please be sure to check in with them what’s upcoming. And don’t forget that SNY will be happening again this coming Saturday starting at 6:45 p.m. SNY is open to all young people of the church (and their friends) between grades 6 and grades 12. The young people have a great time together; so do encourage them to come! For more information about your youth ministry at HTACC please contact Jayden, our Pastor of Youth & Children’s Ministries, by clicking here.

Parents & Tots

The Parents and Tots’ group will be meeting this coming Friday, March 23rd from 9:15-11:15am. The Parents and Tots’ group is a great opportunity for adults and children to gather for conversation and play and it is a great way to get to know some other people from our church community as well as others from the wider community. Please feel free to invite friends and neighbours to join us for any of our gatherings!

The Week Ahead…

In the week ahead we encourage you to continue to reflect on the boundaries that you have when it comes to your relationship with Jesus. What is it that is stopping you from going deeper with Jesus? How often is your relationship with Jesus, based on your terms rather than on Jesus’? What might the life of a true pilgrim of Jesus look like and what steps might you take to move on down that road?

On Sunday we enter Holy Week. Please join us as we remember Jesus entry into the great city of Jerusalem. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at HTACC!

One More Person, One More Step